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Christmas is the biggest holiday in our house.  My grandfather use to put a little village around his Christmas tree, and I started the same about 15 years ago.  Well, I've gotten a little carried away.  Fortunately, our dog Kira has tempered my efforts in recent years.

"Mary Did You Know"
Song by Kenny Rogers on his album "The Gift", lyrics by Mark Lowry, music by Buddy Green.
The reason for the season - Merry Christmas!

Dickens Village, 2016

North Pole Village, 2014

Dickens Village, 2011

North Pole Village, 2011

North Pole Village, 2008

Dickens Village, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas, 2008

Dickens Village, 2007

North Pole Village, 2007

Dickens Village, 2005

North Pole Village, 2005

North Pole, 2004

Dickens, 2004

Dickens, 2003

North Pole, 2002

Dickens, 2001

North Pole, 2001

North Pole, 2000

North Pole, 2000

North Pole, 2000

Dickens, 2000

Dickens, 1999

Dickens, 1999


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2004 Battista Reunion


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