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Welcome to my web site!

   I have been using computers since the days of DOS, and have decided to make my presence known on the Web.  This is the second itineration of this site, which should make it easier to navigate in.  This time I am using FrontPage to edit the site, so if something doesn't work on your browser, blame Microsoft.  For those with slower modems, I will try to keep the graphics to a minimum, except for the expanded Photo Album.

  Privacy is a premium on the internet, so names will not be used.  If you know me, you will probably know the faces in the pictures anyway.  I am a big fan of Geneology, and have all the family relatives going back over eight generations, but the family tree is not on the web site (do you really want your mother's maiden name published?), so contact me if you need the information.

In Memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001

This page was last updated on 3/1/2009.

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